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Ever before asked yourself exactly how the medical care system in the USA functioned? We clarify whatever in this video clip!

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  1. What’s your experience with the healthcare system in your country? Did you receive treatment you needed or was it denied because you couldn’t afford it?

    1. I work in a hospital still I couldn’t pay my bills fully for getting the treatment in the same hospital. You get the picture how broken the health care system is.

    2. United Kingdom (NHS) 💙🇬🇧
      You have nothing to worry about bills, it’s all paid by the Govt from our taxes.

    3. @Dear Gill yeah but American healthcare is 100 time more advanced that Sri Lanka’s and by the way nothing is free in this world.

    4. @Alen Osmancevic Cause taxes in these countries are like 2 times higher that in the US. Americans simply get to hold more money to themselves.

    5. @Bruno Rheaume yes, you wait longer to be attended as a patient but more population is covered and is completely free so there is a lot less mortality rate and much less bankruptcy. I think Is a quite a fair exchange since, as we all know, nothing is perfect in this world.

  2. You have to pay for the possible lawsuit that that either won’t happen or could possible happen? So it’s a fee to prevent you from sueing. jeez.

  3. Your description of the “American” healthcare system should have been summarized to the simpler, FACTUAL TERM “EXTORTION”!! There is NO DEFENDING IT as anything else. It IS BY DEFINITION, “EXTORTION”! The legal system, Insurance companies and the major healthcare service providers COLLUDED and continue to COLLUDE with each other, to enrich themselves in a well crafted SCHEME!!! Malpractice insurance is the biggest pile of dogshyte to come down the line! THAT was created to “protect” the Insurance companies from bankruptcy! They LITERALLY PUSHED THEIR OWN OBLIGATION ONTO THE CUSTOMERS! THIS was necessary, due to CROOKED ATTORNEYS, manipulating judges and juries into MASSIVE and unrealistic payouts in settlements! HOW could you expect less, when you ALLOW CROOKS to CONVINCE YOU TO HAND OVER YOUR PURSE WILLININGLY????

  4. I’m mexican-american, I’ve gone back and forth from both countries, and yes maybe overall the hospitals in the US are nicer than the ones in Mexico, but they get the job done without robbing you out of your savings!

  5. Healthcare costs will continually rise as long as hospitals operate as for profit businesses. They are not about healthcare. They are about making money and in order to make money you need repeat customers. Our food is loaded with chemicals and colorings and artificial products which makes us sick and supplies the “customers” to the businesses(hospitals and Big Pharma).

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