16 Replies to “I’m Young & Healthy, Can I Skip Medical Insurance?”

  1. Your blogs are very useful and provide lots of information. I have received lots of help to read this blog post, please continue to share this kind of information. Thank you.

  2. i think this is great advice…but our healthcare system is ass. and i think alot of people cant afford to kick out for health insurance plans

  3. Another invaluable channel, will definitely explore more videos from you, sir. This will help me plan my parents insurance, thank you!

  4. If I wake up in a hospital I’m gonna sneak out before anyone gets a chance to ask my name

  5. you get medical care regardless of ability to pay in the US. the debt goes to a debt collection company that will settle for a fraction of the cost and guarantee not to harm your credit once its paid.

  6. Instead of paying for health insurance, you should be investing into your health. Like healthy whole foods and exercise.

  7. I’m not gone lie I’m 29 and the only time I’ve ever had health insurance or any of my job benefits is when the government forced us to get it. I don’t get sick at all, I didn’t get covid (yet) and I’m always in the house or at work. Not saying anything can’t happen but if nothing has happened to me this far that would of been alot of money spent for nothing. I’m the same way with car insurance. I just don’t get it. Never been in an accident. ( YES I KNOW IT CAN HAPPEN)

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