11 Replies to “Exactly how does a medical insurance Deductible job?”

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  2. A lot of deductibles on Obamacare are a whopping $5,000 per person!!!!! That makes insurance WORTHLESS! This guarantees that insurance companies will be barely pay anything.

  3. I’m confused so lets say I just use insurance for my medicine like insulin. I need to pay $1000 in your example before my insurance starts helping me?

    1. Yes sir. Your deductible is reached by doctors visits, prescriptions and whatever is included in your insurance plan.

  4. Deductibles are not $1,000 why dont you use real life deductibles. Kaiser permanete and blue shield have $5,000 to $12,000 deductible. If your monthly payment is low your deductible is thousands of dollars.

  5. I always think that health insurance is a scam. The insurace companies are just here to make money. A gold plan would still requiere me to pay $600 for the first 5 days in an ER room.

    My premium or cost per year would be $4000.

    I still have to pay like $30-$50 per visit and $20 per prescription but if i get emergency help that means i will still get a $3,000 medical bill from the hospital.

    Adds up to $7000 a year or more.

  6. Lets say i pay $4000 per year premium and i only go to the dr two times in a year. A private walking clininc would charge me $50 per visit without insurance plus $100 on prescriptions. Thats $150 x 2 visits = $300 you paid in a year.
    most of us have emergency medical so by paying $4,000 per year on insurance we are throwing money away making this drug/health companies richer.

    $300 monthly insurance payment is $3600 per year plus put of pocket cost. The health system is a scam, we are just making someone richer.

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