Medical insurance 101: The Basics (Health Insurance 1/3). In this video clip, you’ll discover the fundamentals of wellness insurance policy!

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  1. Due to central bankers, corrupt governments, and fraudulent grifting industry tycoons all working together to maintain a modern day slavery system, Susie is broke, even though she works full time. So she (like 99% of everyone else) doesn’t have 5000 dollars. She doesn’t even have 500. Tell us how this system works again?

  2. Hahahaha I wish this was true. It is cheaper to pay cash then have insurance, thanks to the “affordable care act” that made the insurance costs 4x as much. I am a medical biller and Insurance as gotten so bad. Here is an real life example. I have a special medication that I need to stay alive. I pay 300 dollar premium then roll up to the pharamcy and insurance will only pay for part of the pills because they don’t understand my diagnosis. So I pay a percentage of the cost, NO the CONTRACTED rate between the pharmacy and my insurance. So I pay 250.00 dollars. Then I switch to cash pay. I roll up to the pharamcy terrified that if I was only paying part at 250.00 This bill is going to be at least 400.00. Nope, it is 70 bucks. So I didn’t pay 300 for the month or 250 = 550 total, I paid 70. Another example with another insurance – 275 bucks for a 6 month supply, not bad for 6 months. Orrrrrr pay cash and pay 27.00. Now this is all fine and dandy till someone gets hurt right. Wrong. Let’s say you get in an accident and have to go to the hospital. You have a deductible before your insurance kids in. But to pay towards your deductible you have ot go through insurance. You get xrays, doctor visits, IVs etc etc. The contracted rate for the tylenol you wanted is like 80 bucks. And ever service is inflatted like so. So you get this bill that says 85,000 dollars of hospital bills your insurance is so cool they paid for everything after your deductible of 6,000 and your out of pocket an addiiontal 5, 000, a total of 11,000. So glad you have insurance right. Or you can pay cash and tell the hospital. So what did it actually cost, how about I pay you 3,000. And they will say, okay. One more example in case you know you are still reading, okay 2 more. With a healthshare company you pay cash and then if it is catostrophic they kick in. My brother’s 1st child on this plan – hospital delivery and all -500 dollars. His second child, $0. Yes Zero dollars. Okay, one more. My friend had to get an MRI, she waited for the insurance to have an opinion about what the doctor who went to school for at least 8 years decided and verified that she could indeed follow the doctor’s order. So she got the MRI, and the contracted rate between her insurance and the imaging center was….. 1900.00. How sad when the same imaging center has a cash price for …. 500.00. And I even know one that is cheaper around the corner with a new machine. But living this way is not for the faint of heart, just don’t sit down and be so thankful you found a job with benefits because insurance is worless, and you have to wait to approve what you want, which delays your care. And don’t worry if you are poor you can get state insurance that pays for everything, it is great. Don’t let other countries tell you our poor pay a lot of medical bills. Doctors pretty much work for free when they see a state insured patient. I will say that the government system of understanding your state insurane is lacking and I do a lot of educaiton for my patients to help them get their state benefits. But the benefits ARE there.
    I would say the one exception to paying cash would be maybe cancer treamments and surgery, but even then if you ask what it ACTUALLY COSTS, and neotiate a deal you probalby will save money. I like healthSHARE plans that help with those crazy things but keep costs low. Good luck, and do what you can not to let the government touch your insurance, because the last time they did it cost you 4x as much. I am not anti anything, just telling you like I see it.

  3. 1,000 deductible and 4,000 out of pocket, like since when the 70’s? Or Susie can say, hey Hospital that really only cost you 700 bucks, sound good, okay cool.

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